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Manage your business appointments the smart way

Schedule your appointments and we'll take care of automatically sending WhatsApp and email reminders to your clients. You'll never miss an opportunity!

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How it works?

1 Create an appointment

With our intuitive calendar, you can create an appointment with just a few clicks, enter your client's information, the service to be provided, and (optionally) assign the appointment to one of your employees (we also offer employee management).

2 We send the reminder

When entering your client's information, you only need to enter a cell phone number and (optionally) an email address. You can also choose how you want the reminders to be sent: WhatsApp or email, and how far in advance you want them to be sent.

3 The client confirms his attendance

After receiving the reminder, your customer has the option to confirm or cancel their attendance with a single click or by replying "yes" or "no" to the WhatsApp message.

4 Real-time updates

You will immediately see the updated appointment status in your User Panel, in addition to receiving an email notification.

New! Receive payments online

Receive payments from your customers directly into your bank account, easily. Your customers will receive a payment link in the reminder message so they can pay for your service using credit/debit cards and other payment methods.

Do you currently use Google Calendar?

We have created an import wizard so you can migrate all your contacts and events from Google Calendar to Suricatu in just a few clicks.

Save time and money

Forget about having to manually contact your clients every single day to remind them of their appointments.

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Hundreds of customers already use Suricatu to manage their appointments.

"I was using Google Calendar to manage my appointments, but I had to manually send WhatsApps reminders to each of my patients every day. With Suricatu, I was able to automate all the reminders in a super easy way. It's a relief to forget about this boring and time-consuming part of my business!"
Leticia Galeón - Psychologist
"Since I discovered Suricatu, the experience has been wonderful! Now I manage all my clients and sessions on the same platform in a super intuitive way. The automatic reminders rock! 💪"
Jorge Padrón - Personal trainer
"I've been using Suricatu for months now and it has changed my business. Now I can manage all my appointments and staff in a very easy way. Kudos to the team!"
Fernando Pena - Psychologist




  • 15 Whatsapp reminders (month)
  • 50 Email reminders (month)
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited clients
  • 1 staff


$14 USD /month

  • 100 Whatsapp reminders (month)
  • Unlimited Email reminders
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited clients
  • 3 staff
  • Priority customer service
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$24 USD /month

  • Unlimited Whatsapp reminders
  • Unlimited Email reminders
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited staff
  • Priority customer service

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